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Hohn Engineering, PLLC

Billings, MT

Hohn Engineering, PLLC, established in 1984,  is the longest standing Petroleum Engineering firm in the region.  Our longevity speaks to our ability and know how. 

In addition to engineering and technical expertise, we offer a number of other business services.  The company maintains a small staff of key professionals, and has a vast network of trusted contract associates that can be called upon as projects require.  Our legacy is devising innovative solutions to client problems. 

Hohn Engineering Business Strategies:
  • Ethics and integrity are the foundation of all Hohn Engineering business practices.
  • Engineered solutions driven by proper identification of problem, data collection, and coupled with thorough analyses that lead to sound recommendations.
  • Economics driven – manage all projects  to meet client economic objectives, ie, maximize Net Present Value, return on investment (ROI), or other criteria.
  • Risk Management – manage project risks consistent with client tolerance to and understanding of risks, with the goal of enhancing project returns.
  •  Utilize sound business systems developed throughout the Company’s history
    • Systems based business practices developed to be efficient, repeatable and consistent.
    • Systems that conform to current regulatory and environmental requirements.
    • Systems that are consistent with best industry practices and current technologies.

Through our years of experience and education, as well as surviving numerous boom and bust cycles, we have developed a keen sense and respect for total project and property economics.  Our project design, planning and execution are performed with a thorough understanding of the client’s situation, their risk tolerance and investment goals at the forefront.

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We tell clients what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear, because that is what professionals do.


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Why Choose Hohn Engineering?